The Data Mining Group is a Melbourne based provider of data mining services to Australian organisations. Our data mining services utilise advanced statistical, numerical and multivariate techniques to identify areas of opportunity within your organisation’s data.

Data Mining Services

Inside every data set are numerous stories waiting to be told – ones describing from where you have come, how you have performed, and others that predict where you are going. The great challenge however is in unlocking these hidden stories because:

  • Data sets are often overwhelming large. Whilst Excel is suited to analysing 50k rows of data, or even more with a big struggle, one requires specialist hardware and software to comprehensively analyse millions or billions of rows of data.
  • Poor data quality can generate misleading results.
  • Correlations between factors are not necessarily obvious and can fluctuate over time, making them hard to detect or quantify.
  • Skilled data mining practitioners in the form of highly educated specialists who possess a great deal of ingenuity in addition to data management and statistical analysis skills, are in short supply.

The Data Mining Group has the capability and experience to identify value-adding abnormalities, trends and relationships within your data. These provide you with greater insight and empower you to improve your strategies, reduce costs and boost revenue.

Case Study: Data mining identifies overcharging abnormalities

Data Mining Services Case Study - The Data Mining GroupAn ASX 100 company had a fleet of 1300+ tool of trade vehicles under external fleet management. Data mining the previous 5 years spend data uncovered a series of overcharging abnormalities, resulting in a $640k refund from the fleet manager.

Data Mining Projects

Our typical data mining projects include the following components. This is a sample of our capability, so feel free to contact us if you are looking something that is not included below.

  • Customer data mining:
    • Behaviour analysis, profiling, segmentation and targeting
    • Customer valuation, churn reduction and retention programs
    • Optimisation of marketing campaigns, selling processes and demand planning
    • Propensity to buy and upsell opportunities
    • Recommendation engines, cross sell and shopping cart mining
    • Sales Forecasting
  • Documents and text data mining:
    • Clustering of documents with similar characteristics
    • Classification of documents into predefined classes or groups
    • Social media, customer complaints and web site logs
    • Text analytics and search engine functionality
  • Financial data mining:
    • Financial analytics including credit modeling
    • KPI analysis and creation
    • Forecasting and budgeting
    • Fraud, anomaly and over/under charging detection
    • Reinsurance optimisation for captive insurers
    • Value-at-risk and portfolio analysis
  • Inventory, logistic and transportation data mining:
    • Optimisation of inventory levels and exposure
    • Fleet expenditure and maintenance analysis
    • Vehicle routing optimisation
  • Procurement data mining:
    • Category process optimisation
    • Contract compliance and audits
    • Spend analysis

Clients of The Data Group

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